Whirled Views in a Nutshell

Opinions and perspectives are as varied as the people who hold them, but all opinions, perspectives and even choices generally reflect the Worldview that each person possesses.  Worldview has always been an interest of mine and I have spent a lifetime studying the “whys” behind the “whats” of so much of what we say we believe and practice.

Whirled Views is an outlet for me that gives me the opportunity to challenge, provoke, educate, reflect and at times…pontificate on a variety of issues that are front and center in the world around us.  If you are expecting Whirled Views to focus on any one particular aspect of life, you will be disappointed.  If you are interested in thinking about topics like philosophy, theology, family, politics, history, culture, church life, marriage, relationships and much more, then this is the place for you.  From podcasts to blog articles to video episodes, Whirled Views will use a variety of media to try and engage you in conversation, thought and response.

Don’t come here expecting to be simply validated.  I’m not interested in affirming group think.  I want to challenge and be challenged.  What I hope you will find is an eclectic blend of sarcasm without cynicism, humor without hubris and intellect without elitism seasoned with wit, homespun wisdom and pokes in the brain.  Try not to be reactive to what you read here…instead, may I challenge you to be reflective.  None of us grow if we exist in a vacuum of our own re-affirmed views.  Don’t be afraid to respond and I promise to treat you with respect if we differ and would ask that you treat others with respect as well as you interact.  

In the end, we will grow and change and be strengthened intellectually and spiritually if we continue to pursue the Truth that never changes and on which we can build every facet of our life.