Frustrated with Your Church's Music?


Five Things You Can Do With Your Child That You'll Never Regret


Not a Cruise Ship Activities Director- Having Realistic Expectations of Your Student Pastor

Having Realistic Expectations of your student pastor

Many people think of the Student Pastor as the hip young person assigned to entertain the teens, teach them some stuff about the Bible, keep them from interrupting the important grown-up stuff and to somehow figure out a way to keep them “in” the church until they head off to college.  There’s so much error in that mentality that one hardly knows how to tackle it all...

In Need of a Moral Compass

IN NEed of a moral compass

The work of preparing our children for adulthood involves a confined beginning and definitive absolutes. There is both dedication and authority; supervision and truth; a standard and a reason... 


In defense of Chivalry

In defense of chivalry

...Wow.  I was not prepared for the splash-back on that one!  I was called a chauvinist, “old”, out-of-touch, condescending and a variety of other epithets ranging from the unkind to the uncouth.  Some of it even came from my conservative and more traditional friends who felt the need to enlighten me on the ways of the world in this enlightened and modern age in which it is considered hateful to even suggest...


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